White No Pocket Back Of The House Restaurant Style Bib Apron 35"L X 28"W Item#350-520

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    • Clean Looking No Pocket Front
    • Non-Adjustable Fixed Length Neck Strap
    • Unisex Styling-Suitable for Male or Female
    • Full Length No Pocket Back Of The House Bib Apron #350-520
    • Durable 65% Poly and 35% Cotton 7 oz Weight Twill
    • Fine Dining and 5 Star Restaurant Kitchen Quality
    • Professional and Elegant
    • Great for the Hospitality and Service Industries
    • Washable
    • Soil and Wrinkle Resistant Finish
    • Proudly Made In The USA Because It Matters !!!

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 Size Specifications   

       One Size : The height of this apron (from the chest down) is 35"and the width (from side to side) is 28" Plus with extra long finished waist ties.

   Please Note: The apron size noted above is measured without the ties or neck strap. The extra long waist ties are about 36 inches long on each side of apron and are made of White Nylon Braiding. The non-adjustable neck strap is made in the same fabric and color of the apron.



White Back of the House Bib Apron- No Pockets - 35"L X 28"W

It gets hot in the kitchen! No one knows that better than the kitchen managers, chefs, line cooks, and dishwashers that serve in the back of house every day. As a food service organization, these are the employees make up the heart of your business.       

To help you and your staff maintain the levels of professionalism and cleanliness you’re used to, Best Aprons carries the White Back of the House Bib Apron- No Pockets – 35”L X 28”W. Not only are these aprons symbolic of the efficiency of your establishment, they also work to keep your kitchen staff cool and comfortable behind the scenes.     

This white bib apron can be useful in many different ways– from protecting clothing from food, dirt, and soil in the kitchen, to cleaning hands and wiping brows when needed. It also comes ready made with restaurant quality and durability right here in the USA. High-grade materials like 65% poly, 35% cotton, and 7 oz weight twill make this apron a strong, long-lasting choice in any industry setting.

Best Aprons’ unisex styling makes our aprons perfect for male or female use, and a washable, soil and wrinkle-resistant finish keeps your staff’s uniforms looking neat and up-to-par. For professional quality protection, choose the White Back of the House Bib Apron- No Pockets – 35”L X 28”W.       

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