Embroidery Questions and Answers

                Frequently Asked Questions About Embroidery and Screen Printing.

How do I order Aprons, Cobblers or Uniform Vests with my Logo on it but I Don't know the Stitch count or the color count of my Logo?

   1- Put the items you would like to buy to have embroidered or Screen Printed in your shopping cart.

   2- Check out like normal.

   3- Send us your Logo to be embroidered or screen printed. Click here to send us your logo.

  4- We will do the digitizing of your logo (for free) to find out the stitch and color count then bill you separately for the embroidery or screen printing.

What is Digitizing, Stitch Count, Color Count and why does it matter?

  Digitizing is what we need to do to your logo so that the embroidery machine can understand your logo. When digitizing your logo it will also tell us the stitch count and how many different colors are needed, also when the machine should start and stop each color. The more colors and stitch count you have the longer and more thread is needed to run your logo.

How do I order Aprons, Cobblers or Uniform Vests with my Logo on them and I know the Stitch and Color Count of my Logo?

  1- Put the items you would like to buy and have embroidered in your shopping cart.

  2- Click on the correct logo embroidery price (based on how many total items) and choose the number of stitches and color count and add to cart.

  3- Check out like normal.

  4- Send us your logo to be embroidered or screen printing . Click here to send your Logo.

What is the turnaround time to get the embroidery or screen printing done?

  Most embroidery or screen printing is done in 5-10 days once the design is approved by you.

How much does embroidery or screen printing cost?

  Bestaprons.com is the only company on the web offering "Straight Forward Pricing" most of our competitors charge for set-up fees, sew-out fees and digitizing fees... But here at Bestaprons.com it's all Free!! Click here for Embroidery and screen printing pricing.

Do you have a minimum purchase quantity to order embroidered or screen printed logos?

   The minimum order is only 6 pieces for embroidery and 12 pieces for screen printing.

Do you take returns or exchanges on embroidery or screen printing?

  Please understand that once an item has been embroidered or screen printed for you it may not be returned or exchanged.



If you have any other questions about how to order Aprons, Cobblers or Uniform Vests  with your logo on them please contact us here.