Navy Blue Server Quality Bib Apron with Three Pockets and Adjustable Neck Strap Available in Standard And X-Large Sizes Item#350-200 Best Seller

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    • Three Large Bottom Pockets- Each Pocket is 9" L x 8" W
    • Adjustable Neck Strap
    • Unisex Styling - Suitable for Male or Female.
    • Durable 65% Poly and 35% Cotton 7 oz Weight Twill
    • Available In Standard and X-Large
    • Three Pocket Bib Apron #350-200
    • Restaurant Quality Server Apron
    • Professional and Elegant
    • Great for the Hospitality and Service Industries
    • Washable
    • Soil and Wrinkle Resistant Finish
    • Proudly Made In The USA Because it Matters !!!

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 Size Specifications   

   Standard: The height of this apron ( from the chest down) is 24" and the width ( from side to side ) is 28" Plus with adjustable neck strap and extra long finished waist ties.

    Extra-Large: The height of this apron ( from the chest down) is 27" and the width ( from side to side ) is 31" Plus with adjustable neck strap and extra long finished waist ties.

              *  Please Note: All apron sizes noted above are measured without the ties or neck strap. The extra long waist ties are about 34 inches long on each side of apron. The adjustable neck strap lets the apron raise or lower up to 8 inches. The neck strap and waist ties are made in the same fabric and color of the apron.



Join the navy and see the world – or at least make a splash inside of your kitchen. You’ll snap your guests to attention with this navy blue three pocket adjustable neck bib apron, which offers a commanding presence whether adorning a restaurant staff or the home chef.

Stylish and Functional

You’ll love the vibrant color of your navy blue apron, but you’ll also appreciate the workhorse qualities of this navy blue three pocket adjustable neck bib apron. They have three large pockets that can hold order pads, wine corks, pencils and other utensils of the trade without worrying about losing them overboard.

If you’re in for some rough seas, don’t worry. These restaurant-quality aprons are made of a seaworthy and highly stain-resistant blend of polyester and cotton, with a 7-ounce twill providing all the strength you’ll need. The colors will stand up to repeated washing and the toughest working conditions.

Great for Men and Women

Our navy aprons are available in standard (24-inches from the chest down, 28-inches wide) and extra-large (27-inches in height, 31-inches across) sizes, with the adjustable neck strap making it easy to move the apron up to eight inches to accommodate various body types. They are unisex-fashionable and are proudly made in the USA.

Best Aprons is standing on duty waiting for your call to arms. We offer immediate shipping and no minimums, so supply the team with what you need. Visit online and see what a difference quality can make to an officer and a gentleman or a stylish cook or server.  


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