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Every restaurant server knows how important it is to carry supplies in a secure and convenient way. From cash intake, to customers’ credit cards, to order pads and pens, a server needs to be able to access anything at a moment’s notice, without having to worry about it falling out or getting lost. A money pouch from Best Aprons is the perfect solution to every waiter and waitress’s needs.

Different Styles

Some the money pouch options provided by Best Aprons are attached to a secure tie belt, while others can simply be slipped onto your existing belt and held in place that way. With two pockets and a pencil pocket divider, you’ll be able to keep your supplies well organized, secure, and close at hand. Our wide variety of color choices, ranging from basics, like black and brown, to brights, like purple and yellow, ensures that you will be able to find a money pouch that matches and blends in seamlessly with the rest of your serving uniform.

Every money pouch from Best Aprons is made in a unisex style appropriate for both men and women. The 7” by 12” storage space provides plenty of room for storing cash, pens and pencils, order pads, and credit card folders. A restaurant quality Best Aprons money pouch is made of durable polycotton blend. It is completely machine washable, making it easy to get ready for the next day’s work if you have a spill. The soil and wrinkle resistant fabric finish ensures you will always look your best on the job.

For Restaurants and Businesses

If you’re shopping for a uniform money pouch to serve a whole restaurant or company, or you are a screen printing or embroidery company that needs aprons to fill customer orders, you can set up a wholesale account with Best Aprons to make sure you always have the stock you need. Once you fill out our wholesale request form, you should be able to make your first purchase later that day. Your first wholesale order must be at least $275.00.

At Best Aprons, we know that the apron you wear on the job, or even working in your own home, reflects your personality and profession. With a money pouch or other apron from Best Aprons, you can be assured that you and your staff will represent your profession admirably. Aprons are part of the look in an incredibly large number of industries, so we offer a wide selection of styles, colors, and sizes that will serve everyone. Our selection includes options ranging from bib aprons and smock aprons to host/hostess aprons and money pouch choices.

Whether you need an apron for personal or professional use, Best Aprons is here to help you find the ideal garment that will protect your clothes from hazards and create the perfect look for your profession or hobby. Shop Best Aprons today to get a great deal on an apron you’ll want to wear just as much as you’ll need to wear it.