Vintage Aprons | Vintage Styles are Back in Fashion

Posted by Best Aprons on 31st Jul 2014

Vintage Aprons are Back in Style

You know what they say about fashion: fashion is cyclical and you can always expect old styles to make a comeback sooner or later. This is certainly the case when it comes to the recent revival of interest in vintage aprons in the commercial sphere. What is it that makes a vintage apron so appealing to today’s consumer? Why are these aprons flying off the shelves, and where can you get one yourself? Read on to find out!

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Eye-Popping Style

Vintage aprons tend to feature dazzling and ornate visual styles that have long become outmoded. Because they’ve been out of style so long, they seem new and exciting to consumers. Modern aprons often emphasize function or a simpler, more elegant form of style. Though the modern apron suits many consumers and professionals just fine, other consumers are looking for something a little more vibrant and flashy. Today’s vintage apron can feature all sorts of wild designs, such as bright florals, polka dots, paisley, colorful repeating patterns and images, vibrant accent, frilly borders, and more. Flashy patterns such as these have come back into style and are a major hit for consumers looking for something different.

Having Fun

Another quality that vintage aprons have is that they are just fun. The wild and sometimes ironic designs on a vintage apron really stand out and can express the quirky consumer’s personality. A vintage apron is a lot of fun in the kitchen and can add a touch of vibrant style to cooking activities.

Culture Power

Less obvious, but maybe even more potent, is the hidden cultural power underneath the vintage style. You see a vintage aesthetic popping up just about everywhere in the cultural mainstream: onTV, in celebrity fashion, music, various consumer products, and in video games for starters. There is a powerful subconscious attraction to the vintage style, and the recent resurgence of vintage aprons definitely reflects that fact. Older generations that grew up with the vintage styles are drawn to them out of nostalgia, and newer generations discover vintage styles all over again and experience them for the first time.

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Vintage styles often start popping up again after people tire of the same old fashions. One thing is for sure: old styles can go out of fashion, but it is highly likely that they’ll be back!

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