TOP 5 Favorite Apron Styles

TOP 5 Favorite Apron Styles

Posted by on 8th Jun 2015

Aprons are used in all types of business and industries as well as in the home environment. At we focus on American made aprons, made from American fabric. Below you will find our TOP FIVE favorite aprons.

1.) Waist Aprons – These are the most popular aprons. Our waist aprons come with and without pockets and are used in restaurants and bars, by servers and wait staff. They are also used in stores and beauty parlors. The pockets are very convenient for money, pens, pads and all the stuff that these hard working folks need on their person. Our aprons come in over 20 colors and several patterns including the US flag.

2.) Cobbler or Smock Aprons – This is the classic apron covering the front and back of the body. Perfect for protecting clothing as well as ensuring visibility of a wearer from the back too.

3.) Money Pouches – We supply money pouches with and without waist straps. The ones without straps can be worn on a belt. Servers and bartenders can use these to hold money, pens and pads and they are very compact.

4.) Bib Aprons – Our bib a pons with and without pockets are true classics. They cover the upper and lower front body. Great for servers but also for fathers grilling and in the kitchen and business environment.

5.) Bistro Aprons – This style of aprons has made it’s way across the Atlantic from Europe. They are popular with catering companies and restaurants. They come with and without pockets and add that dramatic and elegant flair to the restaurant environment. We supply these is a wide range of colors and lengths.