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Posted by Best Aprons on 6th Aug 2014

a woman cooking with her daughter

It never fails: the messiest activities are usually our children’s favorites, and the messier the better! Children seem to love getting their hands dirty. Whether your child wants to help you in the kitchen or garden, or you’re planning a creative session with arts and crafts, there’s no reason to fret about your child making a mess of his or her clothes. There are plenty of great kids’ aprons that will protect your child’s clothes and -- more importantly -- help you enjoy your time with your little one, stress free.

Durable Material

Our children’s aprons are made of the same durable material that can be found on our tough adult-size aprons. With a mixture of polyester and cotton, this material is designed to protect from spills and stains and resist long-term damage. Further, these aprons are machine washable and will retain their shape and color after repeated washings.

Just put one of our aprons on your child and let them have all the fun they want. You won’t have to worry about your child making a mess of their clothes, though keeping the rest of the house clean is another matter entirely!

Of course, you might want to dress your child in older clothes nevertheless, since an apron won’t cover everything. However our aprons are designed to handle the most common spills and protect children’s clothes from the front.

Comfortable Sizes

We carry our kids’ aprons in two sizes: standard and extra-large. This is so you can find an apron for your child that will comfortably fit. Our standard apron size is suitable for most children ages 3 to 7, while an extra-large apron is more suitable for larger children or for children in the 8-to-12 age group.

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Playful Colors

Children love to wear their favorite colors, so why not make their little-helper wardrobe an enjoyable part of the fun? We offer children’s aprons in various playful colors such as red, pink, orange, purple, green, blue, yellow and more! We even offer more functional colors such as silver, white, black, and brown. Your child will love putting on his or her favorite apron for working in the kitchen, garden, or art room. You could even mix it up and grab a different color for different activities.

Need Pockets?

Another thing kids love is making use of all the various tools and utensils that mom and dad use all of the time. We carry two-pocket aprons that are perfect for holding cooking spoons, garden tools, and paint brushes alike! We also carry no-pocket aprons if you are looking for something a little simpler.

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If you’re looking for the perfect component to your little helper’s wardrobe, look no further than our quality selection of kids' aprons. With our affordable and durable aprons for children, you can help protect your child’s clothes so you can spend quality time in the kitchen or garden, or enjoy working with arts and crafts without having to worry about any messes or spills. Shop our selection today and have some fun!