Cost Effective ways for Restaurants to Freshen Up their look

Posted by on 5th Jun 2015

Restaurants are highly frequented places. There is just a lot of traffic. Staff and customers are spending a lot of time in a busy restaurant and let's be honest sometimes it's important to give the space a fretting up.


There is nothing like a paint job to make a home look clean and bright and the same goes for a restaurant.

Repaint or come up with a new paint combination and you'll have the place looking refreshed relatively easily.


This should be  no brainer but sadly not always the case. Make sure that the bathroom is inviting.

Switch out the toilet if necessary, ensure that the basin is clean and the fixtures are clean and work

efficiently. There should be hot and cold water and access to soap. The obligatory signs should be posted and the sign on the door saying when the place was last checked. Keep the rest room sparkling and your customers will be much more likely to come back.


Generally declutter. Keep the counters and the notice boards free of anything no longer required. If your restaurant looks like it is run by pack racks well what will the store room look like. What may someone think about the food?

What are the staff wearing?

Still wearing the same old faded apron? Maybe it's time to change the color of the apron. Switching out a black apron to a silver apron would immediately say we've changed our look? If everyone is suddenly wearing a bright yellow aprons for the summer wouldn't that look like a refresh? Aprons are one of the most simple and cost effective ways to give your restaurant a mini makeover. Check out the more than 20 colors in all designs at one of our nations leading apron suppliers best For a restaurant to change the color of the aprons all the staff are using is great. The color can be changed due to the season or for a specific event. Different aprons for different service. Yellow for breakfast, pale blue for pool service in the summer and elegant maroom for dinner with a wine tasting menu. Not sure which color would work best for your restaurant? Then send an image of your restaurant to us at customer and we will happily have our design staff make a few suggestions.