Cobbler Aprons - Truly a classic design

Posted by on 31st May 2015

What's it called cobbler or smock apron?

These aprons are sometimes called cobbler aprons and sometimes referred to as smocks. They are very popular as they cover both the front and the back of the body and tie at the sides. There are versions with an without front pockets. Our aprons have generous ties to ensure the flexibility of fit and we offer these great items in different sizes.

a woman wearing a cobbler apron

Where are cobbler and smock aprons used?

Cobbler aprons are used around the country by our customers in numerous businesses, wholesale and retail establishments, medical, health and beauty, janitorial and house cleaning, for volunteers as well as primarily in the restaurant and catering industry. 

Why are these aprons purchased?

Aprons of all designs are a great way of creating a cohesive look and ensuring that staff and employees at a given place of work, a charity event, a religious or charitable organization or even an art class can appear together in a uniform style regardless of how they may be individually dressed. By wearing an apron the wearer can stand out from the crowd as well as protect his or her clothing.

If you are looking for protective wear there is nothing better to keep the wearer protected. Good for dust, grease amongst other things.

At we strive to ensure that our customers receive the best quality aprons in over 2o standard stock colors. Our aprons are made in the USA of US made fabric.