Cobbler Aprons | The Cobbler Apron is the Latest Kitchen Fashion

Posted by Best Aprons on 8th Aug 2014

Cobbler ApronThough wildly popular in the 1950s, cobbler aprons have gradually fallen out of fashion over the subsequent decades. However today the cobbler apron is making a rapid comeback, and you can find them in various styles popping up in numerous professional settings and in the kitchen. What is a cobbler apron and why the sudden spate in interest? And where is this fashion trend coming from?

What is a Cobbler Apron?

A cobbler apron has a very distinct appearance: it has the form of a sort of smock that slips over the shoulders and protects both the front and back of the upper torso, as well as the waist and a portion of the lower body. Unlike a bib apron, the cobbler apron features a broader area of cloth over the shoulders, and the apron itself is tied at the sides as opposed to the back.

It isn’t entirely clear where cobbler aprons originated, though they do bear a resemblance to the traditional aprons worn by shoemakers/repairers, or “cobblers.”

Useful in the Kitchen

Due to the design of the cobbler apron, it is much easier to take on and off, thanks to the characteristics of the ties which are fastened at the sides. Also for this reason, cobbler aprons have become increasingly popular with parents looking to throw protective aprons on their children for keeping their clothes mess-free. They’re definitely easier for children to take on and off.

Cobbler aprons make for a comfortable alternative in the kitchen because of their cut: these aprons usually leave the legs free to move, which aids in mobility and comfort. They sometimes feature pockets which are useful for carrying pencils or cooking utensils.

Popular Style

In addition to their usefulness, cobbler aprons feature an alternate design that stands apart from the usual design of the bib or waist apron, and can come in various colors for personal expression. Many cobbler aprons can also be found with vibrant, expressive vintage patterns such as florals or polka dots, which many consumers are becoming increasingly drawn to. Old 1950s vintage styles are making a huge comeback, and the cobbler apron as a 1950s design style definitely fits into this trend.

Besides the Kitchen

Besides enjoying a resurgence in the kitchen, cobbler aprons can be found in many different professional settings such as in restaurants, retail, optometrist’s offices, dentist’s offices, coffee shops, and more. When you’re looking for a durable, all-purpose apron, the cobbler is the way to go.

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