Chef Jackets | Professional Utility and Style in the Kitchen

Posted by Best Aprons on 11th Aug 2014

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The iconic chef jacket is much more than just a food industry tradition, it is a necessary component of every serious chef’s wardrobe. For starters, traditional chef jackets offer both utility and style for the practicing chef. In terms of utility, a chef jacket protects the wearer from various sources of heat and messy spills. Chef jackets also look fantastic and lend a chef an air of professionalism in the kitchen. Let’s take a closer look at some of the advantages.


The chef jacket was initially developed in the mid-19th century in order to meet the stringent demands of working all day in a professional kitchen. Most chef jackets feature a thick cotton cloth material which protects the chef from the numerous sources of heat that can be found in a kitchen: stoves with their open flames, ovens, hot food ingredients, hot utensils and pots, boiling liquids, you name it. The cloth buttons often found on a chef jacket also protect against exposure to heat.

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One of the most immediately apparent functions of the chef jacket is the protection it offers a chef’s clothes underneath. In the course of a day, a chef will work with all sorts of different food ingredients, and of course some of those ingredients are going to end up on the chef. So chef jackets are resistant to staining and odors, and are durable enough to withstand repeated washings. All the chef has to do is take off the jacket at the end of the day and give it a good wash, and none of the stray food ingredients have to end up on his or her clothes. Most jackets also feature a unique double-breasted design that can be reversed to hide stains if needed.


Part of what makes a chef jacket so stylish is its high respectability in the kitchen. As an iconic garment, it lends an air of expertise and professionalism to whoever wears it. In terms of appearance, these jackets are traditionally white to signify cleanliness and purity, which is definitely a good sentiment to associate with the preparation of food. Many chefs choose white to demonstrate the importance of their profession, though chef jackets can also be found with different accent colors or even in another color entirely, such as black or red.

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