Chef Coats | Why a Chef Coat is Necessary in the Kitchen

Posted by Best Aprons on 25th Jul 2014

Why Chef Coats are a Kitchen Necessity

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You see them on chefs all the time: those famous white double-breasted coats that have been a food industry standard for well over a century. Why do chefs still wear these coats? Is it simply a traditional garment or is there something else behind the chef coat that makes it a must-have in any professional kitchen? As it happens, there are certain distinct characteristics to the chef coat that make this garment an absolute necessity for any serious chef working in the kitchen. Let’s take a look at those characteristics.

Heat Protection

Most chef coats have a thick layer of cotton cloth that protects the wearer from the various sources of heat that a chef can come into contact with in the kitchen. A chef is regularly working with stoves, ovens, open flames, hot food, hot utensils and pots, and boiling liquids throughout the day. A good chef’s coat should be able to stand up to this constant contact with various sources of heat. Chef’s coats also feature cloth buttons which are also designed to withstand heat.

food ingredientsProtection from Stains and Odors

The other useful feature of standard chef coats is their ability to protect the wearer’s clothes from stains and odors. A chef is working with a variety of foods and food ingredients throughout the day, and of course spills are going to happen. The chef coat is designed to handle these stains so that at the end of the day, the chef can simply take off the coat, have it washed, and then have it nice and clean for the next day. The chef’s clothes underneath remain clean and odor-free. Many double-breasted chef coats can also be conveniently reversed to hide stains in a pinch if needed. The coat’s components, such as its cloth buttons, are also designed for frequent washing, so the coat holds up under repeated washing and wear-and-tear in the kitchen.

Classic Look

Functions aside, the chef coat simply has that classic appearance that distinguishes a serious chef. Chef coats are traditionally white, apparently to convey an air of cleanliness and purity, which is an appropriate feeling to associate with someone who is working with food. However, chef coats can be seen in other colors as well, such as black and red.

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