Chef Aprons | The Top 5 Best Chef Aprons for the Kitchen

Posted by Best Aprons on 4th Aug 2014

The Top 5 Best Chef Aprons

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The professional chef handles countless food ingredients all day long, and the occasional spill is inevitable. Besides chef coats and chef jackets, chef aprons are designed with just this sort of issue in mind. Chef aprons offer an extra layer of protection against spills and function as the perfect washable companion in the kitchen. The following are the top 5 chef aprons that make for an excellent complement to the classic chef uniform.

1. Bib Aprons

bib apron typically covers the entire front of the wearer’s clothes. Bib aprons can come in various sizes and lengths, but all of these aprons feature a loop of fabric that goes over the wearer’s neck and protects the front of the upper body, as well as the waist and a portion of the lower body. This type of apron is a perfect complement to a traditional chef’s uniform, and provides additional protection from spills across the entire front. Bib aprons also come with various configurations of pockets for additional functionality, and they come in different colors if a certain style is desired.

2. Waist Aprons

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Waist aprons make great chef aprons for those professionals who are already satisfied with a chef’s jacket or coat, and who are looking to cover up the front of their pants. As their name suggests, waist aprons attach around the waist and extend down over the front of the wearer’s pants. Like bib aprons, waist aprons can also come in various sizes, lengths, pocket configurations, and colors to suit the wearer’s individual tastes.

3. Cobbler Aprons

Like bib aprons, cobbler aprons cover the entire front torso, though the cut is a bit different. Typical cobbler aprons cover more of the shoulders, and they also are cut short at the bottom to allow for ease of movement at the legs. Cobbler aprons also function as excellent chef aprons with various pocket options and colors to suit the needs of the wearer.

4. Hostess Aprons

Hostess aprons can be used to add a little style in the kitchen, or even as a personal flourish for a practicing chef putting his or her skills at work in the home. Hostess aprons come in various colors and designs and can feature pockets as well.

5. Laminated Aprons

For the chef in an extra-messy kitchen that needs a little more protection, the laminated apron is perfect for those heavy-duty applications. A laminated apron provides a protective, waterproof surface that allows the wearer to wipe spills right off with a cloth or napkin and go on working without having to worry about washing the apron.

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