Red Aprons

A red waist apron can be more than a protective garment. The color red conveys energy, excitement and power, making a red waist apron a great choice for generating buzz for your business or event. Red is said to stimulate the appetite, which is why restaurants, from fast food to fine dining, use it in packaging, uniforms and décor. Wearing a red waist apron can help your wait staff or counter staff boost business without them even saying a word.It can also help you feel more inspired in your home kitchen or when lighting up the grill.

Put the power of red to work for you with a red waist apron from our extensive product collection.

In the Kitchen and Beyond

Red is a versatile color that works anywhere. In a high-end restaurant, a down-home barbecue stand, a movie theater concession counter, or in a retail store, a red waist apron is the perfect choice. Of course, aprons are indispensable in the kitchen. Not only do they protect your clothes from splashes, spills and stains, they also help keep work surfaces clean and work as emergency oven mitts, jar openers and cleaning cloths. Outside of the kitchen, a red waist apron can be just as valuable. Servers can have pens, order pads, wine bottle openers and other tools at their fingertips. Crafters can protect themselves from paint, glue and glitter. Handymen can carry the tools they need without lugging around a hefty box of equipment. The simple apron can serve an important purpose.

American Made for Quality You Can Count On

Our products are made in the USA for quality you can count on to handle even the toughest jobs. Every red waist apron we sell is made of a 7 oz. poly cotton twill fabric that keeps stains at bay and stands up to commercial-grade wear and tear. Our apron strings are made with extra length so they’re easy to tie and made of the same fabric as the apron body to resist fraying and to give you durability all the way to the last seam.

Selection and Sizing

When it comes to a red waist apron, one size does not necessarily fit all. That’s why we carry a full range of sizes and styling options. We offer one-stop shopping for you to find all of the aprons you need, so you can match the apron style with the demands of the job. With different sizes, you can fit all of your staff with a consistent look. We carry red waist aprons in short, mid and full lengths in a variety of styles and pocket options. We also have bib-style aprons in short, mid and long lengths, kid-size aprons, and uniform smocks and vests.

Order With Confidence

Our commitment to customer service means we aren’t completely satisfied until you are. We will process returns and exchanges within 60 days of the original purchase date with no re-stocking fees.

If you’re looking for red aprons, Best Aprons has every shape, shade, and size you could hope for. Browse our selection today!