Silver Aprons

At, our silver apron options are sure to meet your needs.

Quality Fabric

Each silver apron is made of the highest quality, durable polyester and cotton (65% polyester, and 35% cotton), with a seven ounce weight twill. This fabric blend is uniquely designed to create the best possible apron. Polyester doesn’t absorb liquid, allowing it to roll-off, while cotton creates a comfortable, and attractive, drape. At Best Aprons, we live up to our name. These fine restaurant-quality aprons are soil- and wrinkle-resistant, beautifully washable, and USA-made. Every silver apron is suitable for men and women, and the unisex style works well in many environments: restaurants, bars, hotels, bistros, and catering functions.

Varying Sizes

We offer short, medium, and long aprons in a variety of styles to suit every need.

Our short waist silver aprons have extra-long and completely finished waist ties, which are approximately 34 inches long on each apron side, in the same fabric and color of the rest of the apron.

Short silver apron styles include two pockets, no pockets, a three pocket rounded waist apron, and a silver money pouch server apron with two pockets and a one pencil pocket divide. Best Aprons also offers a mid-length waist silver apron style with two pockets and a pencil pocket divide in each. Just like our short style aprons, the mid-length waist style has extra long waist ties of about 34 inches long, in the same color and fabric as the apron itself.

Long silver apron styles include full length restaurant bistro waist aprons with no pockets, single, and two pocket styles. These waist aprons feature extra-long waist ties made in the same material and color as the rest of the apron.

Varying Styles

Along with our variety of waist aprons, we also offer silver bib and butcher aprons. This apron style comes in all three lengths: short, mid-length, and full length, featuring two, three, or no pocket style choices. These aprons come with two large 8 x 8 hip pockets and an adjustable neck strap that allows the wearer to lower or raise the apron up to eight inches.

Each apron is one size, and each features finished, extra-long waist ties, approximately 34 inches long on each apron side. Both the ties and the adjustable neck strap are the same color and fabric as the apron itself.

Short silver bib aprons include no, two, and three pocket styles, as well as aprons for children. Mid- length silver aprons can be purchased in either bib, butcher style, or V-neck style.

A no pocket cobbler apron is also available, with dual, ten-inch long side ties on either side of the apron, and back styling, which is the same length as the front of the apron.

And additionally, for the pint-sized server or chef, we also offer child-size bib and cobbler aprons in silver, too.

All of our apron styles are washable, long lasting, and resistant to creasing. Get yours today from Best Aprons!