Black Aprons

Sleek, stylish, and comfortable, a black apron from Best Aprons is fully functional in home and commercial settings. 

We offer over 38 different styles of everyone’s favorite black apron, at prices as low as $7 for durable restaurant-quality aprons. Like all of our products, a black apron from Best Aprons is fully washable and features a soil and wrinkle-resistant finish. Our aprons are proudly made in the USA and are typically available for immediate shipping to home or office locations. And the best news – there are no minimums. We believe that you’ll enjoy them so much; you’ll want to own several.

Our Extensive Inventory

Our wide variety of styles is suitable for every type of food establishment, from sophisticated bistros to hectic commercial kitchens. Our aprons can accommodate the busiest servers, with generous pockets for pens, tips, and tools. Our black apron provides a sophisticated look that ensures your customers are in for a night of professional service. 

We offer standard and extra-large unisex styles that will make a smart impression on anyone being served.  Our standard size is 14-inches long and 20-inches wide, with extra-long finished waist ties.  The hefty extra-large is 16-inches in height and 23-inches wide, with extra-long finished waist ties. All apron sizes are measured without the ties, with the extra-long ties about 34-inches long on each side of the apron. Waist ties are made in the same fabric and color as the rest of the apron.

Our styles come with back ties and adjustable necks, including such popular styles as short waist, mid-length and full-lengths, short, mid and full-length bibs, two-patch and no-pocket aprons, server aprons with attached belts.

Styles for Kids

If you have a child who loves arts and crafts or getting messy in the kitchen, you’ll be delighted with our special unisex children’s models, which are suitable for both boys and girls. Featuring two huge front pockets, ties on each side, with the back of the apron the same size as the front, this extremely durable apron is perfect for any activity that will create a mess. It typically will fit most children ages 3 to 7.

Children love the professional grade of the material and feel comfortable knowing that any spills can be easily washed away. The children’s standard size is 20-inches, measured from the neck down.  The width is measured from side to side at 14-inches. 

Our extra-large children’s model, measured from the neck down, checks in at a 24-inches height and 16-inches width. It’s suitable for children ages 8 to 12. If you are interested in side ties, the long are approximately 8-inches. There are two side-ties on each side of the apron, coordinated in color and fabric. 

If you work in a fast-paced restaurant with quick turnarounds, you’ll appreciate the durability of our quality aprons.  Just pop them in the washer and get ready to service the next round of customers. Or, if you’re just a home cook that enjoys professional grade quality, this is the apron for you. We’re standing by ready to ship. Call or visit us online at, and we’ll get ready to deliver you the best quality black aprons on the market.